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Subject: My First Gay DateThe first gay date that I had, couldn't have gone any better than it Tattoo 06 did.First off, let me tell you a little about myself. I am the most
un-feminine or gay acting man that you will ever encounter. Strangely, 2 adult I
always wanted to be the one having a nice large dick sliding in and out of
my mouth. I wanted to be the one on my back, legs up in the air and being
fucked up my ass. I wanted nude school girls 13
to be the one having another guy manhandle me
and have his way with me, anyway he chooses. If I had to label myself,
then I would call myself a hardcore bottom. I never had illegal seks 12 yo
the urge to fuck a
man or be in download naruto episode 133 control. My instincts have me wanting to please a man however
I can. I instanly relinquish all control and become quite submissive.All of the few men 14 yr photo sex that I have 20 hp twin cylinder been with all seem to get off on this too.
They love taking control over the controller. They love dominating the
dominator. They all get off while being on top and ass fucking me, since
they now see a man that earlier looked and seemed, totally opposite than he
is now. Now they are viewing me while I am very much so, enjoying his cock
inside of me. They love fucking me, because I am the complete opposite of
the man they first see. I let them do to me, whatever they can ever want
to do. They love to fuck me because I love to be fucked and make it
obvious. They get harder when I moan and ask to be fucked... they fuck
hard as they can when I ask them to 16 yo pussy illegal fuck me harder... Usually unable to
hold back anymore, they explode where I tell them to, after I tell them to
fuck me like a bitch. 5 Stars
I have no desire to be woman like or feminine at
all. I especially enjoy my masculinity during sex. I get off of knowing
that I am a rough, tough macho man that is having my ass filled by a big
hard cock, with his hot cum blasting inside me, or rubbing it into my face
when he has finished with me.We met... we ate... we went back to his house and enjoyed some much needed
sexual activity. I had been with only one man before this. I mean with
someone completely. When I say completely, I mean more than just jerking
each other off while making out. I told you about Jayson earlier. He was
the first man that I ever let inside of me. I had him in my mouth and ass.
It was the greatest experience brass target 8 finish I ever had... until now.Jayson, being my first, was great. Max, who was the second man to find his
way into me, was much a few years later than Jayson. There wasn't a large
amount of attraction under 16 nudes pics
that I felt for him, but he was there and willing, so
was I. After several minutes in his house, this raw animal attraction took
me over. I found myself sitting on his bed and sucking his dick. I
remember thinking that he was not getting the greatest head pics 12yo nude of his life,
but I was doing fairly well due to the practice that I had with my dildo.
I was not happy with the first blowjob I ever gave, to Jayson. So I went
to the nudie store and bought the most realistic rubber cock that I could
find.I had 35a tits tgp several toys at home that I used on myself for years, but nothing
that really resembled a real nice big hard cock. I would get tips from my
girlfriends about how to give good head. Then practice at home on my real
looking rubber dick. I would lie in the shower, close my eyes and suck it
till my mouth got sore. I practiced keeping my teeth off of it. I
practiced sucking it like I needed what was inside to keep living. I
practiced shoving it as far as I could down my throat until only ls 16 nude
the rubber
balls on the bottom were banging my chin.That was the way I sucked 13 y.o. porn pictures
his dick. illegal seks 12 yo
It was a fat dildo 2 perfect sized cock for me. I
figured that it was a bit above average in length and width, but it bent
straight up, so that it was hard for me to get him down my throat in the
sitting position. Because of the incredible bend, it would hit the roof of
my mouth and I couldn't get it down. He must have been in the same
predicament before, because he laid me down, walked around 847 460 xxxx
the bed, climbed
up above my head and slowly inserted his dick right down where it belonged.He started opening my pants with one hand as his other one was about to be
used to push him up and down on the bed as he fucked my face. Once my cock
was free and the head was all shiny with pre-cum, he held it hard at the
bottom while licking it up and down on the sides. He teased it by putting
his lips on it, but wouldn't put it in his mouth. Kissing it, and slowly
rubbing up and ben 10 cosplay down. That made me so hot that I was about to explode all
over his face. 12 yr nude gallery Now this was way too early for me to dump my load. I
stopped him from cock-teasing me and pulled myself up on my knees. When he
was up looking me in my eyes and undressing me, I asked him to fuck me.I think that I caught him off guard and couldn't believe what just came out
of my mouth. I meant what I said, but couldn't believe I was saying it out
loud. He continued playing a gentleman with me like he did all evening.
Opening doors for me... lighting my cigarettes... and now asking me "are
you sure?" "I don't want you to do anything that you're not ready for".
This just made me want him even more. I asked him if 847 460 xxxx
he had any
protection. Glad that he did, because looking back now, I would have let
him fuck me bareback if he didn't.The gentleman then tried to help me by explaining to me the most painless
way to do it. He knew that pic 14yo I haven't had sex with many men and wasn't at
all experienced, but I didn't really care at this point. I was aching to
have him jam that hot bent cock nice and hard up me. He lay on his back
and told me to straddle him. As I climbed on top of him, I reached down
and took his cock in my hand and fumbled it all around my ass crack,
looking for the hole. After I found it and popped the head inside, the
pain I felt was too much to take. I knew that when I fucked my own ass,
the easiest way was laying on my back. This also felt so much better.After I explained it all to him, he gently laid me on my back and lifted my
legs up over his shoulders. I was in heaven now. I found myself being
manhandled by some strange man as he was about to invade me. While he held
my ankles up in the air, he easily worked the head right back in naked 14 yr girls where I
wanted it to be. Slowly he began fucking my ass but only half way. As my
hole loosened up and the pain began to stop, I grabbed him pulled myself
into him. I wanted him to fuck me all the way in and out. Once he was
able to completely bury the whole thing inside of me, I told him to fuck
me... fuck me harder... louder and louder till I realized that the
neighbors could probably hear me.I told him that I wanted it rough. He obliged me. Once he had pushed my
legs up over my head and up against the headboard, I got it rough alright.
He fucked me so hard that I didn't think I'd walk for a week. I could feel
his dick up in my ass and violently hitting the spot that made me shoot my
load up on my face and his chest. He made me cum without even touching my
cock. I let him fuck me for a few more minutes and had to make him stop.
I could not handle anymore. He fucked me exactly the way that I always
wanted to be fucked. He fucked me hard and fast. He made me hurt on the
inside and out.All I could think about now was when and how could I get him back inside
me. Before I knew it, the rubber was off and his cock was beating my
tonsils again. I took his hands and placed them on each side of my head
and he knew what I wanted him to do. I wanted him to fuck my face like he
fucked my ass before. I wanted him to pull my face into him while jamming
his bent cock in my throat. I couldn't breathe and almost choked a adult store 20772 few
times. He tried to stop so I could catch my breath, but I wouldn't let
him. Somehow this made me so hot; feeling like this man was having his way
with me. He was manhandling me. He was making me his bitch. He was
fucking me in my mouth like the gay little fagot bottom that I was.I wanted to feel the heat of his cum in my mouth and running down my
throat, but he wouldn't give it to me. He did give me what I would was the
next best thing. He then pointed his loaded cock at my face, and put the
biggest load I ever saw, all over me. My arms were being held down under
his knees and 16 yo pussy illegal made me feel so helpless while he rubbed his pulsing cock all
over my face and neck. Rubbing his seed all over me, and I 14 yo cock pictures couldn't stop
him. I wouldn't have stopped him even if I could though. I just laid
there for a few minutes under his complete control and loved it. We
collapsed in exhaustion and he held me in his arms.After I was a little more collected with my thoughts and able to move
again, I got up and dressed myself. I told him that I will see myself out.
I felt dirty and gross. I felt somewhat regretful as I walked out to my
car. Then I realized that I never enjoyed sex with anyone as I did that
night.Next, I would frre ass stretcher 4
like to describe to you all, about how a hot,young latin guy,
that won over my heart. Well, not really my heart. Actually he won over
my ass and mouth anytime he wanted it. He actually was able to...Tell you later.
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